YHM Turbo K

YHM Turbo KYHM innovates on a regular basis, bringing excellent suppressor technology to the masses with their consumer conscious line of suppressors. The Turbo T2 might be too long for some folks or carry too much heft for some despite its popularity. If this describes you, YHM has the prescription for you: The YHM Turbo K. 

The YHM Turbo T2 was already a suppressor with a light footprint, at just 12.8oz and 5.59” in length. The Turbo K takes this a step further and shrinks the size down to 4.75” and 8.83oz while still allowing a 10” minimum barrel length with 5.56. Of course, the Turbo K includes YHM’s fantastic tri-port muzzle design on the endcap, the same one in its bigger brother. The flash suppression produced with the tri-port muzzle is highly regarded, especially compared to the first generation. The Turbo K also ships with a 1/2x28 QD muzzle brake and YHM’s Phantom QD mount, getting you started on QD suppression right out of the gate!

YHM Turbo KThe YHM Turbo K is constructed with 17-4 stainless steel and a heat treated 718 Inconel blast baffle. Thanks to the combination of these features, the Turbo K is full-auto rated. YHM is classy enough to throw in the necessary spanner wrenches that help you easily secure the insert onto the suppressor itself. This ensures it stays snug and tight while you’re rapid-firing on the range. 

The Turbo K comes with YHM’s Phantom QD adapter. This is a 1-3/8-24 threaded adapter that fits any other industry-leading suppressor with the same popular threading. So even if you choose to get yourself another suppressor, like a SilencerCo Hybrid or Dead Air Nomad, you can still use your muzzle device to attach and detach your suppressor quickly. The Turbo K mounting insert is also 1-3/8-24 threaded. So, if you’re already using other muzzle devices from another brand of suppressor, you can purchase the appropriate adapters for those to use your Turbo K with them. 

But just how quiet is the Turbo K? Silencer Shop put it to the test in their Range Time Report, check it out here:

The YHM Turbo K measured an average dB of 138.97dB using Silencer Shop’s metering, with an average reduction of over 28.76dB.

YHM Turbo KYHM once again brings an affordable and super effective suppressor to the masses. If you’re in the market for a suppressor with a tight restriction on length and weight but still want excellent suppression without breaking the bank - the YHM Turbo K is a hot contender we think you can’t go wrong with. 

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just need the K-length summary: 

  • Mounts using 1/2x28 brake, included in the box. Features 1-3/8-24 threaded insert, letting you use industry standard mount inserts across many different companies and mounts 
  • Stainless steel and Inconel construction
  • Full-auto rated
  • Minimum barrel length of 10”
  • Just 8.83oz and 4.75” in length
  • dB average of 138.97dB with a 16” 5.56 AR-15, 28.76dB redux. 

The YHM Turbo K is available at Silencer Shop now.

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