Buying a 9mm suppressor can sometimes be a tricky experience - especially when you have a wide variety of hosts that you’re looking to adequately suppress. YHM has always been one of the best consumer conscious silencer manufacturers on the market, but they’ve brought a new contender to the game that does more than just suppress 9mm. Meet: the YHM R9.

At a mere 10.7oz and 5.2” in length, the YHM R9 produces an impressive suppression result for 9mm and other much higher-pressure calibers alike. This little hushpuppy is rated up to .308WIN and suppresses other high pressure calibers like 350 Legend and 5.56 NATO with ease. This in part is thanks to its 17-4 stainless steel construction, which is also credited for its full auto 9mm rating.


The R9 ships with a 1/2x28 direct thread insert, however one of its best features is its 1-3/8-24 mounting threads, allowing you to choose from a variety of industry standard mounting options on the market. This makes it easily compatible with 3 lug, all sorts of pistons and booster assemblies, and proprietary mounts like the Dead Air KeyMo mounts - with the appropriate adapter of course. Its fully welded tubeless design means you won’t have to worry about cleaning it, or performing any routine maintenance for the entire life of the suppressor.

With a diameter of 1.562”, the YHM R9 is reported by many users to have a unique “bird chirp” tone when suppressing 9mm. Given its versatility across many different calibers and platforms, it's easy to see how this suppressor would end up as a great choice for someone with a large subgun collection - with the ability to throw it on a hunting rifle for the occasional suppressed shot they need to take. The YHM R9 is rated to suppress .308, 350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel and 5.56 all with a minimum barrel length of at least 16”. .300BLK both sub and supersonic can be shot through the R9 with a 7.5” barrel minimum.

But just how quiet is it? YHM says you can expect to get 125db using 9mm on a 10.5” barrel, 123dB on a 9mm using a 4.25” barrel, and 142dB on a .308 using a 20” barrel.

Silencer Shop put together a handy tabletop overview video, for more details on the R9 check it out here:



YHM reigns as one of the most popular budget friendly suppressor companies out there, and we think they’ve done a phenomenal job maintaining that reputation with the YHM R9. If you’re looking for a great first-time suppressor, or just have a collection of 9mm subguns and larger rifles you want a suppressor for occasionally, we think the YHM R9 is an excellent choice for you.

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just need the sweet stuff:

  • Mounts using included 1/2x28 direct thread insert, but features 1-3/8”-24 insert threads, enabling you to pick just about any industry standard mounting option
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel construction
  • Full auto rated for 9mm, rated up to .308WIN
  • Minimum barrel lengths: 16” for .308WIN, 350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, 5.56 NATO, and 7.5” for .300BLK
  • Just 5.2” in overall length, and 10.7oz
  • Great suppression results with 9mm, adequate suppression with higher pressure calibers - impressive for its small size and weight
  • Consumer conscious price-point, a fantastic beginner suppressor or next purchase for a seasoned suppressor owner alike

The YHM R9 is available at Silencer Shop now.

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