Thunder Beast 30CB9

  Compact Brake-attach .30 caliber suppressor The model 30CB9 is the new "Compact Brake"-attach version of our flagship long-range precision rifle suppressor. This model replaces the 30BA. It shares the same competition-proven baffle stack as the 30BA and 30P-1 (with a few new optimizations), but we've designed a new brake that is smaller and more efficient than the old one. When used alone, the new "CB" brake is approx 30-40% more effective at recoil reduction than the old 30BA brake. The new brake is proportioned correctly for .223 and .30 caliber rifles, but it provides a suppressor mounting surface just as solid as the old 30BA series. The way to interpret the model number for the 30CB9 is: .30 caliber, COMPACT BRAKE, 9-inch long (full size) The 30CBx series replaces the 30BA/BAS series as of May 2014. We will continue to sell 30BA series brakes and suppressors to existing "BA"-series customers if requested. The 30CB9 was discontinued January 2015 and replaced with the ULTRA 9.

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