SWD M11/9

Manufacturer: SWD
The Cobray M-11/9 is the brainchild of Wayne Daniels, and is derived from the MAC-11 .380-caliber machine-pistol designed by Gordon Ingram in the late 1960s. Similar in design to the M-11, but with its receiver stretched to accommodate the 9x19mm round, the M-11/9 was produced by SWD, Inc. in the mid-1980s, until the 1986 ban on the manufacture of machine guns for civilian use. Many new-in-the-box M-11/9s were auctioned off when SWD filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. Through the 1990s, these guns were available from Class 3 dealers for just a few hundred dollars, and were generally looked down on by collectors and full-auto enthusiasts. The last few years have seen a cottage industry develop around modifications for the MAC family. This, coupled with the drying up of the last known stockpiles of new-in-box guns, has greatly fueled the M-11/9's popularity and has caused prices to skyrocket. Once regarded as "the Chevette of submachine guns," the M-11/9 is now thought an "undervalued investment" and "an ideal first SMG".

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