Surefire FA556SA

Manufacturer: Surefire
Identical to our FA556-212 sound suppressor except FA556SA adapters are compatible with M100 GREM or SIMON rifle grenades when the suppressor is removed. The FA556SA suppressor, an end-mount design that does not overlap the firearm barrel, adds just 4.6 inches to the original length of your AR-15, M4, M16, C8 SFW, or other rifle, yet it provides superior sound suppression—even firearms with 10.5" barrels using standard M855 ammunition have their average maximum sound pressure level reduced to well below the OSHA 140-decibel safe level All SureFire sound suppressors require an adapter for attachment to a firearm. Adapters for the FA556SA sound suppressor screw directly onto the original rifle muzzle threads—see Parts and Accessories below. Adapters for this suppressor vary in compatibility with US military bayonet, blank firing attachment, and M203 grenade launcher—verify before ordering if this is a concern.

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