SRT Arms Typhoon Ti

Manufacturer: SRT Arms
TYPHOON – This .223 centerfire suppressor is 4.7″ long (thread mount), 1.5″ OD, 17 ounce weight. Its intended use is for entry team carbines where overall length is a major consideration. Adding only 4.1″ past the barrel muzzle, an 11.5″ barrel AR/M16 style carbine would have an overall suppressed barrel length of less than 16″, and is still quiet enough to be be fired inside a building without hearing damage. Suppressed SPL’s of 137 dB on a 16″ barrel, 139 dB on a 14.5″ barrel, and 141 dB on a 11.5″ barrel AR, shooting M855 62 gr ammo will be obtained 1 meter to the left of the muzzle. dB levels at the shooter’s ear are all below 140 dB, even with the 11.5″ barrel.

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