SilencerCo Sparrow 22

Manufacturer: SilencerCo
One of our first products ever and still the best selling rimfire silencer ever, the Sparrow™ 22 was designed with simplicity, durability, and user serviceability as its core objectives. It is the shortest rimfire silencer on the market, has the quietest 10-round average of any silencer in its class, and can go 2,000 rounds between cleanings. Patented Multi-Part Containment (MPC™) technology facilitates ease of disassembly and reassembly – an essential function of .22LR suppressors. The internal MPC™ construction uses two half tubes that pull away from a monolithic core, which ensures that the Sparrow 22 will remain easy to clean after extended periods of use with notoriously dirty rimfire ammunition. The Sparrow 22 is compatible with multiple calibers up to 5.7mm and is full-auto rated for .22 long rifle.


.22LR .17HMR .22 MAG .22 WMR .22 Hornet 5.7mm 6.5 oz
1.06″ 5.08″
Stainless Steel .22LR: 112.7 dB .17HMR: 124.5 dB 5.7mm: 127.7 dB

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