OSS Rad 9

OSS Rad 9

Being known for their unique baffle systems, OSS has taken the suppressor world by storm with their Flow-Through baffle design. Based on this technology, they brought a new kind of similar tech to the 9mm world with what they call Flow-Baffle technology. Incorporating this awesome tech in a 9mm suppressor — is the OSS Rad 9. 

Many suppressors on the market collect heat, gasses, and carbon with traditional baffles- particularly pistol suppressors. Pistol suppressors are usually either a baffle stack, like rimfire suppressors, or fully welded like centerfire rifle suppressors. Choosing a rimfire-style baffle stack brings great advantages like serviceability, and of course, the ability to use rimfire cartridges. With the Rad 9, OSS brings the flow through tech to 9mm by scaling up the baffle design.

OSS Rad 9With the Rad 9, OSS innovated by placing the flow baffle channels on the outer ridge of the individual baffles in a spiraling pattern. This it directs much of the excess gasses and pressure outside of the baffle stack and forward. Subsequently, this reduces the pressure and gasses on the host firearm when shooting suppressed. 

The Flow-Baffle technology has awesome benefits - whether you’re a left-handed shooter or have a pistol or carbine that doesn't play well with other silencers. Users who have firearms that are more suppressor sensitive find themselves loving OSS silencers for this Flow-Baffle tech. This is thanks to the fact that it alleviates pressure and blowback in the gun, allowing it to operate as it would if it weren't being suppressed. Not only this but thanks to the helix pattern design, the gas cools as it moves through the suppressor. This, of course, makes the Rad 9 run cooler than other suppressors in its class. 

The Rad 9 is super lightweight in both configurations, at just 9.1 oz in the long and 5.9 oz in the short. This is thanks to its mixture of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum build materials. Using the most durable materials where they count, this hush puppy is full-auto rated, and it can handle up to .300BLK subsonic. It comes in at just 7.7” in the long configuration and 5.15” in the short. 

While Silencer Shop doesn’t have a Range Time Report for the OSS Rad 9 yet, they do have a handy table top overview video! Check it out here: 

OSS Rad 9The Rad 9 is certainly a rad little whisper pickle. Giving you the freedom to choose, and incorporating their sweet Flow-Baffle technology, it’s hard to see who the Rad 9 wouldn’t be perfect for. If you’re a 9mm enthusiast or just looking to suppress a few 9mm hosts, we think the OSS Rad 9 is an excellent pick. 

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just need the short barreled summary:

  • 1/2x28mm piston mounted (included)
  • Hybrid construction of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel for lightweight, while providing durability where it counts
  • Full-auto rated, no barrel length restrictions, and support up to subsonic .300BLK
  • Flow-Baffle technology, based off of Flow-Through technology, that directs the gasses outside of the baffles and forward, providing a cleaner and more efficient shooting experience
  • Helix pattern channels cool gasses as they travel through
  • 7.7” and 9.1oz in the long configuration, 5.15” and 5.9oz in the short configuration


The OSS Rad 9 is available at Silencer Shop now.

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