Liberty Regulator

Manufacturer: Liberty Suppressors
Mount up! The Regulator is our latest offering in the rim fire line up. We took every customer request and every lesson over the past decade and tried our best to make the 22 can everyone wants. The titanium outer tube ensures the can is lighter without sacrificing strength on the serialized part of the silencer. This is important because these cans are meant to last forever. The core is a Stainless Steel monolithic, which means its tough. We also redesigned the core to virtually eliminate first round pop while maintaining dB readings that show a reduction of 40-46dB. The Regulator not only offers some of our most valuable technology but we also strived to make sure it is the most user-friendly can on the market. You don’t need any tools to take it apart. The wavelok tube and core mate up in a way that make it super easy to take a part even after a long day at the range. Key Points of the Regulator are: *Almost no FRP (First Round Pop) in a monolithic design! *Titanium tube for long service life of the registered part *Stainless steel core and blast chamber insert for amazing suppression. *A new rear cap, which actually self tightens, so it can not unscrew from the silencer while it is being removed from the gun. *Wavelok Tube Technology, which locks the core to the tube and eliminates tube spin without the need of tightening the rear cap against the tube. *The blast chamber insert basically make the barrel threads part of the core. This improves linear alignment thereby preventing baffle strikes. *This new design averages 40 to 46 dB of reduction. **Weighing in at a paltry 5.5 ounces for a stainless steel cored silencer, this truly is one for the books.

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