Liberty Leonidas 300 BLK Rifle

Manufacturer: Liberty Suppressors
The Leonidas was born from the need for a truly 300 BLK specific suppressor built on an AR15 chassis. This suppressor is built to maximize the performance of the 300 Blackout cartridge for absolute suppression. Along with the best suppression on an AR chassis, it also balances blow back and ejector port noise with suppression; this gives the shooter a very pleasant shooting experience while at the range. The suppressor module is pinned and welded to the barrel, making the over all length 17.4″ and keeping it a “one stamp”, integrally suppressed firearm. We feel this suppressor is king of the 300, therefore we aptly called it Leonidas. We build this suppressor a couple of different ways for the end user. If they already have a lower they want to use, then we offer just an upper half. We also offer just the suppressor build for the end user that wishes to supply us with a working upper or parts to build on.

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