Liberty Infiniti

Manufacturer: Liberty Suppressors
Borrowing baffle technology from the Mystic program, this suppressor is a natural evolution in the design and manufacture of a firearm silencer. This suppressor utilizes the same tube specifications as well as the same stainless tube retaining ring as the Mystic, but instead of using stainless steel as the material for the core, it utilizes 6Al 4V Titanium instead. This gives the suppressor the strength and lightweight characteristics of titanium, with even better suppression than that of the Mystic. The titanium core has better thermal heat transfer characteristics than stainless steel and therefore gains 2 to 4 dB in suppression over the Mystic without loosing any of it’s strength. This is truly class leading suppression!!! We have seen meter readings below 120dBs with this suppressor design!* This suppressor will also carry most of the same caliber ratings as the Mystic as well as all of the same mounting solutions. Get yours today! Approximate sound reduction: 38 dB Weight: Approximately 8 ounces (Module Only) Approximately 11.9 ounces (With Booster) Length / Diameter: 8” x 1.375” Material: Titanium Tube, Titanium Core, Stainless steel retaining ring, Attachment devices: Recoil booster Fixed barrel mount Triad Adapter ring Also note that all Gemtech Multimount adapters will fit the Infiniti as well. Full Auto Rated in 9mm and 22LR Meter data derived from using a S&W M&P with a factory threaded barrel and Fiocchi 147gr. factory loaded ammunition. The Infiniti is rated for the following calibers: 22 Hornet, 22 K Hornet, 32-20, 357 MAG, 221 Fireball, 32 S&W, Long 32 H&R, Magnum 380, 9X18 9X19, (Base Caliber) 38 Super, 38 Special, 38 S&W, 357 Max – Subsonic, 338 Spectre – Subsonic, 300 BLK – Subsonic, 300 Whisper – Subsonic, 308 Win- Subsonic, 30 PPC – Subsonic, all rimfire cartridges Full Auto Rated in 9mm and 22LR NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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