Liberty Essence

Manufacturer: Liberty Suppressors
Titanium construction coupled with the proven Kodiak Tl technology make this the perfect rimfire suppressor!! The Essence of Liberty is a rimfire suppressor designed from the ground up with every possible feature that is desirable in a rimfire suppressor. It is lightweight. Constructed with over 95% titanium this suppressor virtually disappears on the end of your weapon system. We utilize a stainless steel, replaceable blast baffle that will allow the suppressor to last several lifetimes with virtually no wear on the critical parts. It has world class sound reduction on BOTH a pistol AND a rifle. It has reduced blow back due to the high efficient baffle design that redirects high velocity gasses into the suppressor and not back into the gun.  The tube is not threaded, but rather the endcap threads directly into the core, nor is the tube exposed to the blast energy at the muzzle. It has a tapered bore to allow for slight variations in alignment with the host firearm. Wavelok tube to core interface eliminates tube spin completely. The front of the suppressor has been redesigned with symmetrical dispersion paths along the front of the suppressor to maximize surface area as well as give it a better appearance.

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