Liberty Cosmic

Manufacturer: Liberty Suppressors
SPECIFICATIONS: Designated Caliber: 45 ACP Length: 8″ (Suppressor module only) Material: Titanium / Stainless steel Weight: 9.5 ounces Average dB in 45ACP: 134dB Attachment: Multipurpose mounting system Finish: Type C Cerakote   Here at Liberty, we think we’ve designed the most versatile 45 ACP suppressor on the market today. The Cosmic is rated for a full 66 calibers! Like the Mystic X, the take apart design allows this can to handle 17HMR and other rimfire rounds, all the way to .458 SOCOM, not to mention being a beauty on 10mm. Using a titanium tube and our new Bi-Directional Baffles in the stainless steel core, the Cosmic is even lighter than the Mystic X at only 9.5oz. Also, this suppressor is compatible with all the Mystic X mounting options for both pistols and rifles offering as much value as it does functionality.

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