Knight’s Armament MK23

Manufacturer: Knight's Armament
Originally designed as the Navy SEAL’s first contract pistol suppressor, the Knight’s Armament Mk23 .45 caliber silencer not only has an enriched history, but also offers an enriched shooting experience. At home on the Heckler & Koch Mark 23 firearm, this unit was the industry-standard pistol can when unveiled in the early 1990s. (Often imitated, never duplicated.) In fact, the H&K MK 23 handgun was designed specifically to host this durable silencer via M16x1 RH (Right Hand!) thread mount. The H&K USP models are the exact same silencer, just with an m16x1LH booster assembly. Caliber Rating: .45 ACP, Color: Black, Length: 7.5", Weight: 15.3 oz

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