Innovative Arms SHEPHERD .45

Manufacturer: Innovative Arms

The SHEPHERD .45cal accommodates both pistol and rifle and is rated for full auto fire. The baffles remove for full cleaning and are type 3 hard coat anodized to give even more durability. Additional pistons are available to cover most 9mm, 300blk subsonic and .40 cal firearms. The SHEPHERD includes a booster piston, fixed barrel spacer and tool for disassembly. The SHEPHERD is also available in .40 cal specific.

*A fixed barrel spacer is for use on firearms with fixed, non-moving barrels. Pistons are available in 1/2 x 28, M13.5 x 1LH, 1/2 x 36, 5/8 x 24, .578 x 28, M16 x 1LH, 9/16 x 24 * SHEPHERD silencers manufactured before 2015 do not disassemble and are not user serviceable. If you have a SHEPHERD that was produced prior to 2015 you may be sent back to our facility to be upgraded for user serviceability. Please contact us for more information on this service.

As with all our silencers, the SHEPHERD can be fired “wet” or “dry”.

Do not use a crush washer in conjunction with any Innovative Arms silencer.

Caliber: .45cal Weight: 10.5oz Length: 8″ O.D: 1.5″ Material: Aluminum / Stainless Steel Finish: Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized/ Laser Engraved TPI: .578 x 28  or M16 x 1LH DB Reduction: 32-36 Dry FULL AUTO RATED

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