Innovative Arms LEX

Manufacturer: Innovative Arms

The LEX gives great sound suppression, versatility and durability. Rated for 9mm full auto fire, it features a multiple baffle stack and disassembles for cleaning. The LEX includes a booster piston, fixed barrel spacer and a tool for easy disassembly.

*A fixed barrel spacer is for use on firearms with fixed, non-moving barrels. Pistons are available in 1/2 x 28, M13.5 x 1LH, 1/2 x 36, 5/8 x 24. * A 5/8 x2 4 piston and an additional rear cap are required for use with .300 Blk subsonic. * LEX silencers manufactured before 2015 do not disassemble and are not user serviceable. If you have a LEX that was produced prior to 2015 you may be sent back to our facility to be upgraded for user serviceability. Please contact us for more information on this service.

*As with all our silencers, the LEX can be fired “wet” or “dry”.

Do not use a crush washer in conjunction with any Innovative Arms silencer.

Caliber: 9mm Weight: 9.8oz Length: 7.5” O.D: 1.375″ Material: Aluminum / Stainless Steel Finish: Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized/ Laser Engraved TPI: 1/2 x 28, M13.5 x 1LH or 5/8 x 24 DB Reduction: 34-36 Dry FULL AUTO RATED

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