Innovative Arms APEX-S .22

Manufacturer: Innovative Arms

The APEX®-S is .22lr full auto rated and is the most versatile of the APEX series of .22lr silencers.  The APEX-S is constructed completely from stainless steel and is rated for multiple rounds such as .22lr, 17hmr, .22mag and 5.7 x 28. This silencer offers simplistic maintenance and comes with its own take down tool that makes it quick and easy to disassemble. Our patented advanced billet core design greatly minimizes the lead and powder build up that is common with .22lr ammunition and the silencer core is completely removable for thorough cleaning.

For use only with .22lr, check out the standard APEX for  a lighter weigh of  3.6oz or the APEX MICRO for an extreme compact light weight at only 4.5″ and 3oz.

As with all our silencers, the APEX-S can be fired “wet” or “dry”.

Caliber: Multi 22 (.22lr 17hmr .22mag 5.7 x 28) 

Weight: 9oz Length: 5.25” O.D: 1.125″ Material: Stainless Steel Finish: InnoArmor / Hard Engraved TPI:1/2 x 28 DB Reduction: 38-41 Dry FULL AUTO RATED

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