Huntertown Kestrel 9

Manufacturer: Huntertown Arms


It's a heavy can, but it's built like a tank. I like the fact it's user serviceable. I have the extra uni-mount to from from 300 blackout to .223. I bought some 220 grain Remington subsonic rounds at Academy Sports on sale, to try with my new can. When I fired the rifle I noticed a first round pop and a sonic crack. 15 of the next 20 rounds had a sonic crack and were louder. My friend gave me 10 rounds of his 220 grain Sig subsonic loads, and no more crack. I did notice his AAC SDN-6 was quieter then my Kestrel 9, but not much. My Kestrel was about $300.00 cheaper then his AAC. I used the difference in cost to buy a Huntertown Arms B22 Guardian for my squirrel/target practice rifle. Bring on hunting season.

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