Griffin Paladin 5

Griffin Paladin 5

If you own an AR15, chances are good you either own a .22LR rifle or at least are interested in owning one. Vice versa also applies. Sometimes you want a suppressor that’s just gonna do both without having to think about fully welded baffles or lack of serviceability. Griffin thought this one through and has the answer: the Griffin Paladin 5.

Coming in at just 13 ounces and 6.3 inches, you might not believe this little hushpuppy will adequately suppress 5.56. But oh boy, does it do that, and more. The Paladin 5 was designed to be the bridge between rimfire lovers and 5.56 enthusiasts. This is entirely thanks to the phenomenal user serviceability, with a fully removable baffle stack. Removing the end cap reveals the full stack, which can be slid out and cleaned like any rimfire suppressor. But where other rimfire suppressors lack, the Paladin gains, with its ECO-FLOW technology built into the baffles and durable construction to boot.

Griffin Paladin 5

The Griffin Paladin 5 mounts with an included 1/2x28 Taper Mount EZ Brake. The Taper Mounts are designed to fit flush with the insert on the suppressor end while providing a quick detach platform. The Paladin 5 is constructed with 17-4 stainless steel on both the tube and the baffles, contributing to its excellent durability and rating. This little whisper pickle will do 5.56 with no minimum barrel length restrictions, all the way up to 22-250 REM.

Thanks to the ECO-FLOW tech built in, you’ll find the Paladin 5 lets your hosts run more naturally as if they weren’t being suppressed at all. Not only that, but this is particularly great for rimfire hosts, which tend to get dirty quite fast with lots of shooting. The ECO-FLOW technology enables the host to run cleaner. Couple that with the user serviceability, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate rimfire suppressor.

Griffin says they measured these dBs using the Paladin 5 with their metering:

  • 16” 5.56 AR15 - 131dB 
  • 22LR 3.5” pistol - 115dB
  • 22-250REM - 128dB

But just how well does it suppress in the real world? Silencer Shop took the Paladin 5 to the range for a Range Time Report, check it out here:

Using 62GR 5.56 out of a SIG MCX, the Paladin 5 measured at 133.35dB with Silencer Shop’s metering.

Griffin Paladin 5It’s not often you find such a great pairing across platforms such as this, having a phenomenal rimfire suppressor, while easily suppressing higher pressure cartridges like 5.56. If you’re looking for a rimfire suppressor and happen to have an AR15 already that you’d like to suppress, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Griffin Paladin 5. 

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just want the short barreled summary:

  • Mounts using included 1/2x28 Taper Mount EZ Brake
  • 17-4 stainless steel tube and baffles
  • No minimum barrel length restrictions, rated up to 22-250, handles 5.56 with ease
  • Phenomenal user serviceability, ability to remove the baffles and clean everything inside the tube, just like any other rimfire suppressor
  • Just 13 ounces and 6.3 inches
  • ECO-FLOW baffles built in, phenomenal for rimfire hosts both for keeping the suppressor and host running cleaner and smoother
  • Covered under Griffin’s excellent lifetime warranty

The Griffin Paladin 5 is available at Silencer Shop now.

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