Griffin Armament Sportsman TM

Manufacturer: Griffin Armament
Sportsman™ Taper Mount silencers interface with and include our Taper Mount Minimalist brake. This brake provides two extremely durable 17-4PH stainless sacrificial baffles as well as a fast robust and solid attachment system for countless attachments to the host firearm without worry of wear. $795 MSRP, Taper Mount Minimalist Brake Included The Sportsman™ .30 Direct Thread silencer Is a silencer with full size performance and is magnum rated but weighs a flyweight 11.9 ounces. At half of the cost of heavier weight titanium silencers the Sportsman™ is hard to beat. Billet machined entirely out of heat treated 7075 aluminum, the Sportsman™ is light enough to pack in the field all week long but durable enough to take a beating from the 300 Win Mag caliber. Taking advantage of low mass properties of 7075 we were able to make a suppressor with durability typical of titanium silencers with an incredible weight savings. Specially designed baffle geometry 8-10 times thicker than market competitors, coupled with the strength of heat treated billet 7075 allows our Sportsman™ silencer to have a long durable service life comparable to heavier steel units. Sportsman™ direct thread silencers feature and include our interchangeable Cornerstone™ Muzzle Brake thread insert available in 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 thread pitches. This insert provides an extremely durable 17-4PH stainless sacrificial baffle as well as durable single point cut threads for countless attachments to the host firearm without worry of wear. $749 MSRP, Muzzle Brake Thread Insert Included Rate of Fire consideration 20 rounds rapid, 3RPM sustained (300win mag 24" min Barrel length)

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