Manufacturer: Gemtech Silencers
Gemtech's new Tracker is the first suppressor made specifically with the hunter in mind. At 11 ounces it doesn't add bulk to the already weight conscious hunter and only adds a little over 7 inches to the overall length of the rifle once threaded on the barrel. You can still stalk your prey without getting hung up on the brush and low hanging trees. The Tracker is suitable for most major hunting calibers and is adaptable to most rifles. Hunting with the Tracker offers hearing protection, improved accuracy, faster follow up shots and best of all, won't panic wild game. Don't kill your hearing, kill your dinner. TRACKER:
  • Caliber: Multiple see below*
  • Sound Reduction: 27 dB (At the shooter)
  • Length: 7.9"
  • Diameter: 1.6"
  • Weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Materials: Titanium and Aluminum
  • Finish: Hard Coat Black Anodize
  • Mount: 5/8-24 (2A) Thread
*For Barrels: 24" or longer 300WM 16" or longer 7.62x51/.308 WIN 16" or longer 5.56x45/.223 7.5" or longer 300 BLK Special Note: The Tracker is NOT Full Auto rated and intended for hunting purposes only. Must allow suppressor to cool to ambient tempeture after 10 rounds (all calibers).


Very versatile can.  Light weight and of moderate length.  Ideal for long range precision guns.  Works well on light weight hunting guns.  Currently have shot it off of Rem Model 7 .223, Ruger 243, and Win mod 70 30-06 as well as Rem 700 308 long range gun.   Can't beat the price.

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