Gemtech Lunar 9

Gemtech Lunar 99mm and .300BLK are common pairings to find on the range these days. Unfortunately, when it comes to suppressing both, it often means buying individual suppressors for each respective caliber. Gemtech, being the forward-thinking company they are, decided this was a gap in the market they wanted to fill. Enter: The Gemtech Lunar 9. 

The Gemtech Lunar 9 is a modular suppressor with two different configurations, coming in at just 7” in the long configuration and 4.7” in the short configuration. Constructed out of lightweight 7075 aluminum the Lunar 9 is a mere 10oz in the long configuration and 7oz in the short. But don’t let its light weight fool you, this little whisper pickle is full-auto rated across both 9mm and .300BLK!

Gemtech Lunar 9

The Gemtech Lunar 9 ships with their 1/2x28 LID booster assembly, although it’s compatible with all GM-9 mounting options. One unique feature about the Gemtech Lunar 9 is the ability to remove the baffle stack from the actual modules themselves. This feature gives you direct cleaning access to the baffle stack, enabling you to easily suppress a whole host of rimfire options. Thanks to its ability to be broken down and cleaned like any other rimfire suppressor, something is unique to the Lunar 9 since most .30 caliber suppressors won’t give you the same serviceability.

Again, thanks to its 7075 aluminum construction with a 17-4 stainless steel blast baffle, you’re ready for full-auto fire out of the box. The Lunar 9 supports subsonic .300BLK in both short and long configurations. Gemtech does say you need at least a 3” barrel for 9mm luger, and an 8” barrel for .300BLK in either configuration. 

But just how well does it suppress? Gemtech says you can expect to average 129dB in the long configuration using 9mm in a Glock 17 and 135dB in the short configuration. Additionally, it averages at 136dB in the long configuration using standard subsonic .300BLK with a 9” barrel. 

Silencer Shop took the Gemtech Lunar 9 out to the range for a Range Time Report, check out their results here:

The Gemtech Lunar 9 averaged 125.65dB using a S&W M&P 9 and 147gr 9mm in the Lunar 9’s long configuration. In the short configuration, it averaged 138.51dB, all using Silencer Shop’s metering. 

Gemtech Lunar 9

Whether you’re a first time suppressor owner or wanting to add a great suppressor to your extensive collection, the Gemtech Lunar 9 is certainly a great addition. If you’re in the market for suppression for your collection of 9mm and .300BLK hosts, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Gemtech Lunar 9. 

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just need the k-length summary: 

  • Mounts with included 1/2x28 LID booster assembly
  • Full 7075 aluminum construction, with a 17-4 stainless steel blast baffle. 
  • Full-auto rated with both 9mm and .300BLK subsonic
  • 3” bbl minimum for 9mm, 8” minimum for .300BLK 
  • 10 oz and 7” in the long configuration, 7oz and 4.7” in the short configuration
  • Great suppression results with both 9mm and subsonic .300BLK, compatible with rimfire cartridges as well, thanks to its ability to remove the individual baffles just like a typical rimfire suppressor

The Gemtech Lunar 9  is available at Silencer Shop now.

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