Freedom Minuteman

Manufacturer: Freedom Armory
Freedom Armory has revolutionized modern suppressor technology with the first and only design using our patented* Gas Indexing Technology (GIT). GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack to take advantage of differences in pressures between handguns and rifles. This provides the optimum in sound reduction capabilities on a host of different firearms allowing you to re-configure stacks as you transfer the suppressor between a handgun and a rifle. *U.S. Patent # 9,410,761
Benefits of the Minuteman Suppressor.
– Baffles are totally operator configured. – Extremely low suppressor weight. – Rated from .22LR to FN5.7X28 calibers. – Full Auto rated for .22LR. – As indestructible, if not better, than competing suppressors in the marketplace. – Baffles minimize carbon leakage inside tube wall ensuring baffles remain easy to extract in a dirty suppressor. – Thin 1″ diameter eliminates sighting conflicts. – Provides a top rated 42dB noise reduction. – Simple to assemble by hand with only a standard 3/8″ socket driver or extension. – No aluminum suppressor parts permits the use of all standard firearm cleaning solvents and tools, including brushes.

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