Freedom Dragoon Air

Manufacturer: Freedom Armory
Freedom Armory Machine Works proudly introduces the Dragoon Air 5.56 suppressor, the first of our revolutionary line of rifle suppressors utilizing Total Breakdown Technology (TBT). The Dragoon Air 5.56mm suppressor is compact, has a dramatically lighter weight and is user serviceable. Top rated sound reduction is achieved with calibers ranging from .22LR to 5.56mm. In a market where heavy, welded, non-serviceable designs are the norm; the Dragoon Air distinguishes itself with an all Titanium takedown design. The use of rimfire ammo in welded up supprresors causes a buildup of lead and other contaminates that can never be cleaned out. We’ve eliminated this Achilles heel of welded up suppressors by engineering our TBT to allow the user to remove, clean and service ALL components. The Dragoon Air features complete disassembly and reconfiguration from Direct Attach (DA) to Quick Detach (QD) without the need for special tools.
Benefits of the Dragoon Air Suppressor.
Benefits of the Dragoon Air 5.56 Suppressor TBT allows 100% of Parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning. Rated for .22LR thru 5.56mm. Full auto rated for Rimfire calibers and FN 5.7. Semi auto rated for 5.56mm.* *(30rds as fast as the trigger can be pulled on a 16 to 20” barrel then let cool before repeating) All Titanium components except Stainless O-ring. 1.375” Diameter Tube. Superior db Reduction. Field strip and assemble without special tools. Proprietary flash hider/QD mount creates rock solid, fast and light weight (titanium) lock-up. Robust mounting system allows one handed installation or removal in 2 seconds. Approved for use with all standard firearm solvents, tools and ultrasonic cleaners.

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