Delta P Brevis II 5.56

Manufacturer: Delta P Design
The BREVIS II 5.56 excels at weight, sound and visual signature reduction. The short overall length of 3.7 in. allows the Brevis II 5.56 to be employed in close quarters without a handling penalty. The overall length of the Brevis II 5.56 is close to that of two M16-A2 flash hiders. The BREVIS II is a true flash hider replacement that performs as part of the host system. With a lifespan similar to that of the barrel, this suppressor is rated for select fire use and performs well with 5.56 NATO barrels as short as 7.5 in.
Overall length 3.7 in (94 mm)
Weight 11.5 oz. (325 g)
Diameter 2.0 in. (51 mm)
Mounting Thread 1/2-28 UNEF RH 2B
Wrench Flats 3/4 in. (19 mm)
Materials Hardened Inconel
Coating High Temperature Ceramic

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