Dead Air Primal

Dead Air Primal.46 caliber suppressors certainly aren’t new to the market, with more than a few options to choose from already. However, where they often fall short is in their barrel length ratings and durability. Dead Air once again breaks the industry mold with the introduction of their Dead Air Primal.

At just 7.9” in length, the Dead Air Primal weighs in at 16.5oz. You might notice it bears a striking resemblance to its smaller bore brother, the Dead Air Nomad. Dead Air took a similar approach with the Primal as they did with the Nomad in design and functionality. The Primal is constructed entirely of 17-4 stainless steel while coming in at just a bit lighter than the Nomad-L. This construction not only allows it to have no minimum barrel length restrictions (except magnum bottleneck cartridges) but also a full-auto rating across the board.

Dead Air PrimalIf you’re new to the .46 caliber silencer world, the Primal is certainly a warm welcome. Having a .46 caliber suppressor means you can shoot pretty much all centerfire rifle cartridges under .50 caliber. Going from small bore stuff like .223 Remington to .458 SOCOM is no big deal at all. Not only that, but this hush puppy will also work with all your handguns, with the appropriate booster/piston. If you really need a do-it-all suppressor from Dead Air, the Primal is your huckleberry.

Specifically designed with the Xeno adapter in mind, the Dead Air Primal features that same 1x3/8-24 threading you’ll find on the Nomad. With this threading, not only can the Primal accept the Dead Air Xeno adapter, but it can accept any industry standard mount in the same threading. All you need is an adapter in that 1x3/8-24 threading to make the Primal ready to work with your muzzle device.

This Xeno adapter and Dead Air muzzle device are both made using 4140 steel. This not only reduces galling that 17-4 stainless steel tends to suffer from, but it keeps the same coefficient of expansion. Meaning when the mount and muzzle device both heat up, they won’t get thread locked. This is thanks to both being made from the same material. Additionally, all Xeno muzzle devices are left-hand threaded, enabling the user to remove the suppressor without removing the muzzle device. Dead Air even took it a step further when they designed the mount and brake. Both are designed to have clearance between each other, to prevent carbon buildup from locking them together.

In addition to being such a versatile suppressor, it’s fully compatible with the Sandman line of end caps for smaller bore cartridges like .30 caliber and 5.56. This gives you maximum suppression for your specific cartridge when you need it.

While Silencer Shop doesn’t have a Range Time Report for the Primal yet, they do have a handy table top video going over the features. Check it out:

Dead Air PrimalWhether you’re a collector of many hosts, or just a few and looking for a suppressor to fill many different roles, the Primal is sure to suit your needs. If you’re a first time suppressor owner or a Dead Air fanatic and want to grab an awesome choice that does it all, we think the Dead Air Primal is sure to be an awesome pick.

Here’s our NFA Tracker recap in case you just need the good stuff:

  • Mounts with 5/8x24 direct thread out of the box, insert can be swapped with a Xeno adapter to use with a Xeno host or a wide array of 1x3/8-24 threaded inserts
  • Fully 17-4 stainless steel construction
  • No minimum barrel length rating with exception to 18” for magnum bottleneck cartridges, rated for calibers up to .338 Lapua
  • Compatible with Sandman end caps
  • Only 16.5oz, 7.9” in overall length, and 1.618” diameter
  • Covered under Dead Air’s lifetime warranty

The Dead Air Primal is available at Silencer Shop now.

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