Bowers VERS 9S

Manufacturer: Bowers Group
The Bowers Group Vers 9S is a small, high efficiency 9mm subgun and carbine silencer, rated for heavy fully automatic fire in that caliber. While this silencer is suitable for 9mm, it is our best selling silencer for subsonic .30 caliber applications such as the .300 Whisper or Blackout, and will also provide excellent service with smaller rounds such as the .380 ACP. *NEW OPTION* A Blackout option is now available so you can use both supersonic and subsonic .300 BLK. The Blackout option Vers 9S silencers are rated to 2200 FPS and will last a lifetime using supersonic .300 Blackout or Whisper in both semi and fully-automatic firearms.


Mystery Man
Great silencer for sure! I use it on my 9mm subgun but have also used it on other 9mm carbines. There are better pistol silencers that are smaller and lighter but if you have a fixed barrel gun this is what you want. Great sound suppression and awesome versatility with the use of the ATAS mounts, too.

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