stan462 – 02/19/2018 04:14:58 pm

I initially wanted to get the Surefire can, however after waiting for over 3 months I decided to get the Thunder Beast Ultra instead.  The Thunder Beast is  over 5 oz lighter than the Surefire.   I played with the Surefire at the Shotshow and it is a nice can.  However with this Thunder Beast attached to my Barrett MRAD and my Blaser Tac2 was the best decision I made.  The can is very quiet and really helps with the recoil.  I have no issues with the POA and POI when switching between the two rifles.


I would highly recommend this suppressor for anyone looking for the 338 Lapua can.   I would. definitely do it again.  I actually went on SS and purchased a Thunder Beast for my 308.

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