Frequently Asked Questions
  • NFA Tracker is a user content generated site. We don’t have access to the ATF records. Users enter the submission, check cashed dates, and approval dates. This allows others that were submitted around the same time to get a general idea of when their form will be approved. Please submit your information for the good of the NFA community.

  • Send us and email and we can add that examiner to the site.

  • Typically, they will not tell you anything other than approved or pending. They do give estimates on occasion, however they are not typically correct.

  • No, eForms went away for form 1’s on July 12th with the implementation of 41F. Form 4’s has not been online since 2014. There is not ETA as to if or when the ATF will bring them back online.

  • You can look at the graph and see what current approvals are and then see how many months are left till your submission date. This will give you a rough idea.

  • Various factors can affect your approval time. If the ATF told you that it is pending, then just wait. It is in their system and they will process it when it gets to the auditor’s desk.

  • The BATFE requires all SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs to be engraved with the manufacturers name (or name of the trust), city, and state. The engraving need to be at least .062 tall and .003 deep. In accordance with ATF 5300.4 in 27 CFR 479.102 (page 92).

  • Wait till you receive an error on the form. There is nothing that you can do right now. If it was a form 1 then you will receive the error and have 30 days for the date on the error to correct it. If the FFL filed for you then the FFL will receive the error and will have to correct the form.

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