• Don’t feel so bad, I’m on day 404, called ATF twice, said its in the queue. Funny thing of it was, last Silencer I bought was approved in 6 months. Just crazy. What I would love to know, is what takes these guys so long to approve things. Like you have everything you need, with the computer age here, you would think it could be done in a matter of…[Read more]

  • Don’t feel so bad. I am on day 380 and this is my 3rd suppressor. Just called for the 2nd time, Feds said its in the Que. Why does it take so long? Crazy!!!

  • Don’t feel so bad, I am on day 380. And its my 3rd one. 2nd one was approved in 6 months. Feds are all over the place with timing.

  • Finally got my stamp. 416 days. 3 calls and Stamp in hand. If the new system is this quick, then it shouldn’t be this bad next time around.

  • I am pushing 425 days. Called 3 times. Hasn’t been assigned to an examiner.I am guessing that I am caught between the old system and the new system. So who knows, the Feds get to it, when they get to it. I just hope I am not like that poor dude that was out 604 days.He did get his approved, but 604 days, you got to be kidding.

  • I did not know that a new system was in place in June of 2019. That explains a lot of things. I agree that they will leave those in the old system, and anything new will go into the new system. As you said, why re-key in all of that old data. I just have to let things play out. I have called 3 times and Feds say they are waiting to assign it to an…[Read more]

  • This is what I do not understand. You get your silencer in 3 months, I am still holding at 420 days.This makes no sense at all. I’m glad you got yours so quickly. I already have 1 suppressor from 2018, so what makes it so difficult to approve another one. It’s like throwing darts at a dart board. You got me on the selection process on which…[Read more]

  • I am going on 412 days. Called NFA 3 times, latest call said, “It was pending and had not yet been assigned an examiner”!! I already have 1 can. What’s with the timeline with these people.I love the 604 days it took to approve one poor guy’s can. Beats me why it takes so long for some, and others go through so quickly.

  • Nathan that is great to hear the Ben Crenshaw got involved and helped you out. Very Nice. I am going on 408 days and I have called the ATF twice and they keep telling me its pending. As one of our members said, you can buy a gun in 20 minutes, but it takes over a year to get a suppressor. Makes no sense. And you have to go through all this wait…[Read more]

  • Scott your are ridiculously lucky to get your suppressor in this amount of time. Good for you. glad you got it early and in a reasonable amount of time. I am going on day 405. Just doesn’t make sense that it takes over a year to get things done and a suppressor approved. One poor soul’s suppressor took 604 days. Ya got be kidding me. 604 days!!!!!…[Read more]

  • You are very lucky that your suppressor was approved so quickly. Most of the suppressors are taking a year or more. Some are in that 10-12 months range. Things are just really backed up at the ATF. I am approaching 400 days.Ridiculous the amount of time it takes to get an application approved !! Glad you got yours so fast. At least somebody is…[Read more]

  • Sig SRD762Ti QD Tax Stamp Check was cashed on 9/18/18, still waiting. October 25th, 2019 will be 400 days. Called the ATF and she said today, wait 2 more weeks, you have hit the required waiting period, approval will come shortly. First Sig Suppressor I bought back in May of 2017 that finally arrived back in February 2018 was defective, sent that…[Read more]

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