• If it makes anyone feel better, Idaho is among half the states still using Prohibition Era liquor laws. The most recent liquor license that was issued in some of the smaller counties was applied for in 1971. The original applicant died and willed his spot in line to his children, who received the license in 2019. A total of 48 years later.

    It…[Read more]

  • That depends, did you send it via a trackable means? I have been through this rodeo many times and never once has it taken more than a few days from received to check (or card) cashed. The administrative staff unpacks and separates your paperwork and the check goes straight to the US Treasury. Only once they have confirmed good funds will they…[Read more]

  • I gave in and called for mine, here is the latest:

    Received: 01Jun2018
    Check Cashed: 03Jun2018
    Pending: 07Jun2018
    First Corrections Sent: 07Jul2018 (ish)
    Second Corrections Sent: 19Mar2019

    So the second correction date would have been the approved date, but the dealer forgot to sign a box on the document. From my experience, the correction…[Read more]

  • Hey that’s great news!

  • TrooperBrian replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 years ago

    Anyone get post shutdown returns yet?

  • My guess is everything already in the queue just picks up where it left off, adding the time they didn’t work. Everything else is added to the backlog so you can expect everything moving forward to have a much longer wait time to offset the month of unprocessed forms.

  • Another note is:

    Since the inception of the 1995 revision of the Paperwork Reduction Act, most agencies have accepted a universalized 20 year retention period. So depending on what you did to require a clearance, who maintains that record, and whether or not they are digitized will make a big difference. If you had a 4-year CONF clearance for the…[Read more]

  • Secret or higher, or more than 3-5 years…probably. I think the problem is two fold. One, there is no one on the NFA side to say if or when a transaction may proceed upon the lapse of a delayed NICS response. Two, because the NFA Branch was divided to expedite (“expedite”) the process, that means some of the forms are being processed the old…[Read more]

  • Sorry for the delay, I had to get to a computer for this long winded answer. So if you consider the nature and scope of a normal security clearance, depending on how high it is and how often you renew it, each time one is conducted and investigated, it generates a new agency report number. The threshold for this can actually changed based on the…[Read more]

  • From my experience working in ATF Compliance, having any type of security clearance is often the reason for a normal delayed status NICS check. In this circumstance, it sounds like there is no default transfer date.

  • So I just came across a screenshot I took in 2015 when the wait time was less than 90 days. So that begs the question, have they gotten through the massive backlog yet or has the amount of NFA requests simply gone up that much?

  • I submitted a can right before 41F and it took just over a year. This time around I put one in around June. Check was cashed one business day later. About 2 weeks ago my dealer got an email saying I sent the wrong fingerprint cards. I’m a state trooper so I had someone in booking roll my fingerprints trying to save $15. Well, they used the red…[Read more]

  • I was wondering why certain threads got a zillion posts all of a sudden. XD

    “Billions and billions and billions and BILLIONS AND BILLIONS.” – Donald “The D” Trump

  • Unfortunately for most applications, it still requires tall sights. However, the can does add more volume than a traditional cylindrical can.

  • Well keep in mind that the NFA Branch was split, effective about a few months ago. That’s the reason they can turn forms so fast now. It’s likely a civilian or contracted staff does the bulk of the processing, and an examiner actually signs off on it.

    Let’s not forget that the ATF doesn’t see a penny of the tax stamp money.

  • Well that’s good news. I suppose the rest of ours should be rolling in soon then.

  • That being said, I had a friend who received a Form 1 SBR stamp return in 15 days. Of course, this was years ago. XD

  • For those of us experienced in this process, the wait is going to be extended no matter when or who sent your paperwork. I live in multiple states throughout the year so I just file it and forget it. I once had an approved stamp sit for almost 6 months because I was away on an assignment.

    Just be patient with what we have, folks. 🙂

  • I finally gave in and called and I seem to be in the same boat as most people. I would have expected it would be done by now!

    Sent by SS: 7-7-2016
    Pending: 7-22-2016
    Today: PENDING

    The gal I spoke to said they are currently working on July 21st and July 22nd.

  • I have a July 7th date for that one, but at least I won’t have to sit on an approved stamp for 6 months this time being posted out of state.

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