• Unfortunately your absolutely right an that’s a massive bummer.

  • Instead of acceptance of the long drawn out proccess we need to change it. There is no reason why a simple background check wouldnt suffice to buy a dam muffler or sbr ect. Know i know what a big task it would be to change it, and getting enough people on the same page is next to impossible. But it will also never happen if we all jusy get used…[Read more]

  • What’s really bullshit is that us as a country have given our government so much power, that they get to decide weather or not can have mufflers for our guns! The fact that we have to pay them a good amount of money to ask for permission to own a firearm muffler, and they can take anywhere from 6 mo-to 2+ years to get us an answer is complete an…[Read more]

  • TheHardWay replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 2 years ago

    Form 4 single person trust. 2 cans Both SiCo, Salvo 12 and Osprey micro both purchased same time submitted same time pending on 4/14/17 both approved 1/9/18 both stamps at dealer 1/17/18.

  • Just got the call from my dealer and now I only have an hour left to wait. SiCo hybrid purchased beggining of Oct 2016, form 4 sent 11/6/16, card charged 12/6/16, APPROVED 11/3/17, stamp at dealer 11/17/17. Tracker updated.

  • Finally I know what it feels like to hear an approval status. It feels f#@kin good too. SiCo Hybrid purchased 1st of October 2016, form 4 sent off Nov 6th 2016, card charged Dec 6th 2016, approved Nov 3rd 2017. Basically 390+ days from start to approved an 330+ days from pending to approved. no stamp yet, will update once I can bring her home.

  • I’m bringing this up because I have yet to find a topic that mentions it and I believe it is worth the attention. For those that haven’t heard of it, there is a bill in Congress right now with lots of momentum and support from both democrats and republicans. Not just in the anti 2nd Amendment states but also on a federal level! Guys this bill is…[Read more]

  • Ben,
    Here’s my thoughts on the matter. So I see what your trying to accomplish here an the problem I see is even if you’re only wanting to clean your guns, with something attached to the muzzle end, that could very easily be considered “intent” even if that’s not what you were trying to accomplish and that is one slippery slope so to speak.…[Read more]

  • From one opinion to another. I’m not a bump fire junkie in fact I don’t own a single one. I do find the binary trigger systems fascinating and absolutely agree they should be used responsibly at all TIMES. But to take away my rights to use one because some whacko used one to commit an act of terror is complete bullshit! I do understand where your…[Read more]

  • This could very well be my grandfather the conspiratist coming out in me (which I really try not to embrace ever) but I can’t help but recognize the strange timing of these shootings. Just recently, the day the share act was too be introduced. there’s a shooting at the congressional ballgame. Next we have the share act gaining positive traction…[Read more]

  • I completely agree with you. The fact that I let my dealer talk me into the trust route in the first place makes me feel like an idiot. It’s just me In my trust anyways I’m not married no kids an have no plans of changing that. just two chocolate labs that mean the world to me. From this day forward I’m going individual an if i get a wild hair on…[Read more]

  • It does help to know that they aren’t just bias, and that your not the only one takin it on the chin so to speak. I did give my jailer a whole bundle of slack since around that time the hitllary campaign was a very real threat an his store was so busy that I’m lucky I got him to send it when he did.

  • I spose it’s my turn to complain bout how irritating this whole process is. I have 3 form 4 trusts in lock up. One with a purchase date of 10/6/16 my jailer dicked around for a full month b4 sending it off an the atf didn’t cash the check until a month after that so my pending date is 12/6/16. I created my trust in Sept. of 2016. I was going to…[Read more]

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