• Well three are finally approved.

    All on a one person trust.
    Submitted 3/21/17
    Check cashed 3/27/17
    Approved 5/21/18

    Another one also approved.
    Submitted 7/29/17
    Check cashed 8/1/17
    Approved 5/19/18

    That’s incredibly frustrating.

    But at least the long wait is over.

    Hopefully the stamps don’t go missing in the mail.

  • Meanwhile I’m still waiting on three stamps with a check cashed date of 3/27/17 on a single person trust.

  • I agree. Except now the wait times are not consistent at all. I have stamps that I purchased in 03/17 that I’m still waiting on when people are getting stuff back from 08/17.
    The process is messed up.

  • I’m still waiting on three stamps submitted 03/21/17.
    They have been pending FBI background check for over 6 weeks now.
    Not sure why the FBI check is taking so long, and I’m not the one to complain, but it does seem like something may be wrong considering all the dates I’m seeing people posting.
    Another stamp I submitted 7/31/2017 was received…[Read more]

  • But there isn’t anywhere that I have found that shows big clumps of stamps being received every two weeks. Even with the difference in mailing times between Maine and Arizona, there are stamps coming in every day. With stamps being mailed out every two weeks, you would see maybe five days of stamps, then a week long pause of no stamps, which isn’t…[Read more]

  • A lot of lucky guys in here.

    I’m still waiting on items with checked cashed dates of 3/27/17.

    I have been told for the last two weeks that they are waiting on the FBI to complete the background checks.

    Not sure what the hold up is as I have had nothing change since the last time I submitted pre 41F.

    My other submission is a checked cashed date…[Read more]

  • Stamps arrived at dealer 7/11/17

    I will pick up tomorrow making it one year to the day of purchase. All of my other stamps are post 41f. Hopefully we see some reduced waiting times.

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  • Andrew, I’m not sure. I asked my dealer a while ago and he said if I put 7/18 I’d be close. I’m thinking it’s much closer to the end of July, but I do not have a specific cashed check date.

  • My dealer called atf today and I got some good news.
    I purchased one SBR, one SBS, and one supressor all on 7/12/2016.

    After calling today, all three were approved on 7/3/2017.

    Just waiting on stamps to arrive in mail now. Hopefully next week.

    It’s a good sign that the 7/12 purchases are being approved. Almost past that hump.

  • It took a year for them to cash your check??

  • I was thinking the same thing. If someone really got something back from December, I officially hate that person.

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