• CZ Scorpion SBR
    Form 1 sent 3 Jul 17
    Check cashed 11 Jul 17
    Approved 30 Mar 18
    Stamp received 9 Apr 18
    Finished building this morning.
    And of course it’s raining today so no shooty for me.

  • sarge9667 replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 5 years ago

    I may not understand even what a small dealer business model is, but I do understand that if YOU take away the potential for the dealer screw ups and take responsibility for getting the correct paperwork to the feds, then you will enhance your ability to track the form and probably have less pain during the process. That is the reason I deal with…[Read more]

  • sarge9667 replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 5 years ago

    Just thought I would throw my two cents worth in here. I think most of the issues above could be at least lessened by doing two things. If there a can you absolutely have to have, get your dealer to get one in for you so that you can actually lay your hands on it while you are doing the paperwork. If they won’t do that I would find another…[Read more]

  • Finally got my 45 can!
    AAC Ti-Rant 45
    Form 4 Trust
    Mailed 15 Aug 16
    Check cashed 23 Aug 16
    Approved 23 Aug 17
    Received whenever the USPS gets around to it.
    Still can’t figure out why I didn’t get both of them at the same time.
    And of course I updated the tracker.
    Now I just have to wait for the HPA to pass so I can get my money back.
    Yes, I am an…[Read more]

  • Bought two suppressors on 15 Aug 16, an AAC M4-2000 and a AAC Ti-rant 45.
    Sent the forms 4 on 17 Aug 16 using identical trust paperwork, photos, and print cards. Even paid for both with same check. The NFA Branch was really quick getting the check cashed on 23 Aug 16.
    Called them up on 7 Aug 16 and found out that ONE of them was approved as of 2…[Read more]

  • Sent in 2 form 4s for 2 AAC silencers on 17 Aug 16 in the same envelope, paid for with 1 check that was cashed on 23 August. Called NFA on Monday, 7 Aug and was informed that one of them was approved as of 2 Aug 17 and the other one was still pending. Can any of you give me a logical explanation why they didn’t keep the forms together? I mean…[Read more]

  • Well if you look up 479.63(c) of the Consolidated Federal Code which you can find on the ATF web site, you would see that the trust documentation can be replaced with a certification memo if the trust was used for an approved in the prior 24 months. I am not saying this will speed up the application, but I am sure hoping it does. I just sent in…[Read more]

  • And by the way before I decided to give this a try, I contacted NFA and asked them how to go about it. They said:
    Jun 12

    Good afternoon,

    You may submit a certification in lieu of Trust documents but still have to provide photos and fingerprint cards.

    At least I have some documentation in case this all goes south.

  • Well considering the blinding speed that the NFA branch has been operating at lately, I figured I would take a shot. I mean if they send it back for correction it at least means they have looked it over. And really what is a couple of weeks delay when you are talking about over 10 months. And you never know, maybe I will get an examiner that…[Read more]

  • I am just using the regulations posted on the NFA Branch website. If you look at CFR 479.63(c) it plainly states that this is allowed if you have had an approved form in the prior 24 months and you identify the form by control number and date approved. When you tried this did you have all the required info in the memo?

  • Yesterday I sent off another SBR form 1. This time instead of including the trust documentation, I sent them the certification memo stating that there had been no changes in the trust since my last form 1 was approved on 27 March of this year. Has anybody else out there done this and did it cause any problems? I am hoping that the certification…[Read more]

  • 3037XX (almost 3038 for those of you who are tracking this stuff)
    E-file Trust SBR
    Submitted: 24 June 2016
    Approved: 27 March 2017 at 1039 by China Watkins

  • Finally, after 276 really long days, China Watkins approved my SBR!
    Control Number: 3037** (almost 3038 for those who are wondering)
    Submitted on: 24 June 2016
    State: Florida
    And wouldn’t you know it, my range is closed today. Well that gives me plenty of time to get it put together and load a bunch of magazines.

  • This S### is killing me! First Jwain gets his approved at 0820 this morning and his number is less than 20 under mine then you get yours three and a half hours later and it is past mine. Are they intentionally skipping me?

  • Yipeeee! That means I am less than 20 away from my stamp!

  • Yea, it looks like old Jwain ran off to the range and we are stuck here at our computers waiting for the stamp fairy. Can’t say that I blame him.

  • Gee, I really hope it was high 700s.

  • That is OUT FREAKIN STANDING news! Congratulations. Being as I am less than 100 behind you (hopefully, quite a bit less), I just might get my SBR approved today. By the way, that is one sexy little Czech you got there.

  • Well considering that all of us in that block are at 272 days and that we are seeing approvals from 12 days later, whoever is assigned to that block should be put on permanent vacation or reassigned to latrine maintenance. That examiner obviously isn’t doing a real good job at getting forms processed. And that is enough rant for one day.…[Read more]

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