• rman replied to the topic E-file form1 times in the forum Form 1 Questions 1 year ago

    137 days, efile trust, 1 RP, SBR

    I check a few times a day thinking the email didn’t get sent.

  • rman started the topic New Member… 137 day F1! in the forum Welcome 1 year ago

    Hey all, new member here.

    Submitted an efile F1/trust in June 29. Has been in “FBI Background Check” and it’s killing me.
    Wondering if this is due to an “infraction” for petty theft back in 99/00. When I got my LTC, the original court told me it had been dismissed and they’ve literally thrown away any records of it.

    Hoping this isn’t the c…[Read more]

  • rman became a registered member 1 year ago

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