Peter Suciu

  • Yes, Individual Form 4. In this case I submitted the paperwork directly to the NFA office and the sale is from a friend to me – we’re both in the same state.

    I will add I might have been approved sooner as I made some rookie mistakes. First, I should have copied my friend’s prior Form 4 paperwork EXACTLY. I used different words to describe the…[Read more]

  • Two weeks ago (last week of January) mine was FBI pending, and I was called this week and told the stamp arrived! I paid via Credit Card in May, so just about 250 days. The irony is that after waiting this long I have been slammed with work and then snow and can’t pick up my item until this weekend!

  • That’s right, the gun control types aren’t going to stop until there is total prohibition of all firearms. They may say they ONLY want one thing to be banned, but they won’t close shop and stop at that point. They’ll move to the next item. Groups like this won’t give up for two reasons.

    1) some actually believe the world would be better without…[Read more]

  • OK, thank you for this insight. I submitted my form 4 in May, paid with credit card and that cleared immediately. I did get some corrections, which were sent back. Now it is waiting on FBI background check. I’ve waited this long what is a little more time.

    I guess I’ll be mowing the lawn again by the time I get my stamp.

  • It was sent priority mail express and shows that it was delivered but to the “front door/porch.” I was told to call on Thursday. If I have to resend I will do so via FedEx.

  • Now I really don’t know what to do. I sent in the “corrections” to the Form 4 last week, but the post office website noted, “Delivered Front Door/Porch.” That didn’t sound right, so I called and the local post office thinks it was delivered.

    I called ATF today and was told they don’t have it in their system. The corrections are due by Friday.…[Read more]

  • Last week my friend – the Transferor – received notification that there were required corrections. This was the first time I did this and I was too specific it seems in the description of the firearm. I stated it was a “Fusil Mitrailleur Modele 1915 CSRG” instead of simply “Chauchat.”

    We made the changes and initialed and sent those back. Does…[Read more]

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