Bad Mojo

  • Total gobsmaked, total shock!

    I really do not know what is
    going on at BATF. Still do not have
    any answers.

    Even Morphy Auctions are speechless

    I attended Morphy’s April 26th 2019
    auction… won two items. Their Form 4s were
    approved August 15th 2019. Shipping agent notified
    me August 21th 2019. He could not explain the
    rapid turn around.

  • Hope this helps…

    CGS Kraken
    Submitted late 10/2018
    Postal Order Cashed 11/02/2018
    Current Status Unknown

    Sig Sauer SRD 9
    Submitted 4/15/2019
    Check Cashed 5/7/2019
    Approved 8/15/2019
    At dealer 8/23/2019
    Used Silencer Shop Kiosk

    YHM Resonator
    Submitted 4/15/2019
    Check Cashed 6/27/2019
    Approved 8/15/2019
    At dealer 8/23/2019
    Used Silencer Shop Kiosk

  • Good news! Either I’m the luckiest guy in the world! Or the
    BATF is working overtime!

    A Can bought between April 19th and June 13th 2019 from
    Silencer Shop has been approved… August 23rd.

    Plus, two C&R firearms have been from
    Morphy Auction April 24-25th 2019… approved August 21st.

    Maybe C&R license helps… not for sure. Used C&R for…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all your post!

    Bought AAC Element 2 and Class III the last week in Sept.
    Postal Money Orders Cashed:

    Oct. 12th and Oct. 15th

    Received call from dealer –

    Aug. 14th 2019

    If you usa a Postal Money Order, you can check when
    they are cashed for a small fee. The Post Office will
    mail you photo copy of Order and the date cashed on…[Read more]

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