• Holy SBR & supressor…Got my approval for my short barrel AR, and suppressor on the 17th of this month.

    Filed individual on 3-23-17.
    Pending from 4-17-17
    Approval on both 3-23-18

    Hell to the YES

  • I’m over it already. Pending since April 17 2017 on a SBR and suppressor. Gave up callin months ago.

  • I’ve given up calling months ago. Pending since April 17th 2017 and still “pending” on both SBR and suppressor. I’m over it honestly and want money back for summer toys. Lol

  • I bought a SBR and a omega 30 cal suppressor and filed individual on March 23 and check cleared on April 17th and still nada. CA here in Cedar Park Tx dates it under their site as falling outside their dates and now in late status, but after call today to the powers that be, it’s still “pending clearance at FBI” this is ridiculous….

  • Bought PWS MK111 Mod2 300 blackout with an omega 300 on 3/23/17

    Called today and the lady said both my SBR and the omega are pending since April 17th and then hung up. Lol, she wouldn’t even listen to me ask her a question. Haha

  • Just made the call, haha! One and only time. Bought Omega 300 and MK111 Mod 2 300 blackout on March 23rd 2017 and the only info the lady gave me was pending April 17th. She then hung up when I asked roughly how long. Lol. 2 form 4’s individual. Can’t wait!! This will be my first AR platform and suppressor.

    How long? Lol

  • First time post here, bought a omega 30 cal spuressor with a PWS SBR 300 blackout at the end of March this year and Capitol Armory here in Tx called and said the powers that be called them asking information about the state I was born in? Kinda strange but at least they are looking at my paperwork already. Hopefully good news…Everythjng updated…[Read more]

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