• LRM1981 replied to the topic Form 4 Individual in the forum Form 4 Questions 1 year ago

    It’s way too soon to start checking in on the status. They won’t give you any useful information anyway. My last Form 4 took almost a year for them to approve it and I’m still waiting on the stamp to arrive at my dealer. My Form 4 prior to that only took 2.5 months…go figure.

  • Transferable Hard Times Armory AK-47 Machine Gun
    Forms mailed: 11/20/19
    Check cashed: 11/25/19
    Approved: 10/16/20
    Stamp received:??

    I’m in about 11 months on this so far – longest wait ever for me. Sounds like I’ll have another 3 weeks or so before I get the my stamp in hand.

  • I just called to check on the status of my Form 4. The check was cashed on 11/25/19 and as of today It’s still “pending”. This is creeping up on the longest I’ve had to wait on an F4. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but when I have $20K invested in a Machine Gun, It’s pretty frustrating. The woman I spoke with was very nice and told me forms…[Read more]

  • Transferable M16 Machine Gun

    SS Kiosk
    Form Sent: 10/11/2018
    Check Cashed: 11/6/2018
    Approved: 7/31/2019
    Arrived at Dealer: 8/6/2019

    293 days from form sent to approval date. This is the longest I’ve had to wait for a Form 4 – lets hope things get better from here.

  • Approved: 4/24/17
    Received: 4/28/17

  • Approved: 4/24/17
    Recieved: 4/28/17

  • Purchased: 3/7/16
    Form 3 at dealer:7/1/16
    Forms sent: 7/2/16
    Pending: 7/7/16
    Approved: 4/24/17
    Waiting on stamp…

    413 days from purchase date to approval (ouch!)
    291 days from pending to approval.

  • I called yesterday as well and was told pretty much the same thing. I have a pending date of July 7th and they told me they’re currently working on that date range and it shouldn’t be more than 3 weeks before approval.

    This is for a two stamp TPM Outfitters MP5SD (SBR+Suppressor) that I purchased the first week of March, 2016! The form 3 took…[Read more]

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