• joey@2 replied to the topic Over 400 Club in the forum Form 4 Questions 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    4/2/19 was one year.
    Update, talked to lady that has had my form 4 individual’s (all 4 of them) on her desk forever, she said it was approved to go to FBI on 4/24/19. I really don’t know how much longer it will take. But if she is telling the truth at least my paper work in progressing.

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    ATF recieved on 4/2/18 as of last week my paperwork is still setting on the examiners desk, said she has not got the approval to send it to the FBI. The examiner was however nice enough to give me there direct phone number to call back and check next month instead of talking to a different person every time you call just to get some B.S. story

  • Form 4 Individual, check cashed 4-2-18 been with FBI for almost 8 months. when i call ATF they tell me you have to call NICS. When i call NICS they tell me we dont do backrounds for suppressors, you need to call ATF. getting tired of this crap.

  • joey@2 replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have been on the phone with ATF they told me it’s with the FBI, call FBI NICS they tell me you have to call ATF. Call ATF said it’s at the FBI and we don’t have a number you have too look it up. Explained that I have already talked to them and they said call ATF. She said well I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you. This is B. S.

  • How do you get the name of the person and a phone number that is examining your paper work???

  • check cashed April 2nd, form 4 individual. Just called still Pending. This sucks

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