• I’m bring back an old thread, sorry guys….

    The hold up with form 4 trusts seems to be the reviewing of trusts. If you submitted a form 4 trust that has been approved, then any new form 4 trust submitted within 2 years a copy of an approved from 4, provided no changes to the trust have occurred, should speed things up (at least one would…[Read more]

  • Jim replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 years ago

    At the risk of stirring up discord, they are lying to you. It seems that trusts are still at 13 to 14 months. I’ve read stories that people have been shifted to try to get the back log of trusts under control, but other than a few “anomalies” that have a appeared here and there, wait times appear to be the same.

    “We are from the government and…[Read more]

  • I’ve been on the silencer shop web site for a little bit reading the blog. I think TTAG may have jumped the gun a little.

    Reading the conversations it sounds like it will take 3 months for the ATF to clear out all the pre-barcode submissions. That would be everything that was submitted up until sometime last July. It sounds like if you used…[Read more]

  • OK, TTAG is reporting that there may be 2 queues now started for form 4’s. One using the old method, and one using the new scan method (that is supposed to be in effect immediately).

    If I drop a form 4 for a new can today, maybe I’ll get it approved before my Hybrid comes in that I bought back in February. According to the article, scans happen…[Read more]

  • OK, not really e-forms, but I saw that now if you submit any new form 4’s through a Silencer Shop Kiosk, your form 4 now has a barcode attached to it so the examiners can just scan them in rather than a manual input. Supposed to save time.

    What’s really interesting, according to the silencer shop web site, is that they have already processed a…[Read more]

  • Found this in the link posted by coagula13:

    Q. If an application was approved within the preceding 24 months, are fingerprint cards and photographs required to be submitted with a new application?

    A. Yes. The 24-month exemption for providing supporting “documentation” refers only to the documentation proving the existence of an entity, such as…[Read more]

  • On the scatter graph I saw a form 4 trust approved that was submitted in Dec 16 and it got me remembering. As a part of the new 41F procedures if you had a form 4 approval in the last 2 years, you were supposed to be able to submit the Tax Stamp with the new form 4 and it was supposed to speed things up some how?

    I think the idea is supposed to…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone! Long time listener, first time caller… I read this and I shot coffee out my nose.
    I’m willing to bet the “Big News” is that they finally got back the last of their pre-41F form 4’s. My shop that is currently holding my SilencerCo Hybrid hostage just put out that message via Facebook today.

    Hopefully we’ll start hearing more of…[Read more]

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