• cashed 10-18-17
    approved 5-24-18
    stamp in hand (still waiting as of 6-19-18)….6 more days and i have to ask for another copy…anyone else waiting 3+ weeks?

  • i had 2 approvals last month…5-24 and 5-27….the 5-27 approval came on 6-12-18….still waiting on the 5-24-17

    ive always got my stamps in 5-7 days…so this is odd….anyone else with stamps taking 3+ weeks to arrive lately?

  • last one was 11 months to the day, this one will be 10.5 months if it comes in next week as expected….yes its speeding up…but 10.5 months still Suuuucks

    my next ones are starting 9/1/17 so im hoping its below 6 months by then

  • form 4 trust
    cashed 3/6/17
    approved 12/12/17

    waiting on my stamp

    i just got another item last month…im wondering if they have to review the trusts over and over, or did i get sped up a bit because they just looked it over 30 days ago?(or less)

    i was 1st on the tracker last time too…nice to be the lead dot!

  • Called today
    Cashed 1-3-17
    Approved 11-14-17
    Sparrow suppressor
    1 person trust

    Should have it this week

    Very happy. I’m ahead of the curve for once

  • at least there is a sign of downward movement on trusts…better than going up… some point they will catch up with individuals and run out of work if they dont get to the trusts….it appears my guess maybe was right..they abandoned trusts for a couple of months and got individuals down to 4 -5 months….it would be awesome if true that…[Read more]

  • the only reason i can see why individuals are now 6 months or less and trusts are 12-13 months is intentional…they are pounding out as many as they can…maybe they want to punish trusts to discourage them? or they are just focusing on catching up for 90% and letting the 10%(trusts) sit…….they went from 100+ a month processed to…[Read more]

  • look at the trust graph….keep track of new triangles……guess what? i havent seen any new ones in weeks…none are getting approved….dealer just got one back at 13 months this week….

    individual is dropping like a rock…trust is still climbing….i think were at 13+ months

    ive got 5 trusts in the system….frustrated as hell as i…[Read more]

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