• Loving that downward trip the tracker is making… Especially since my form 4 trust took just shy of 13mts. Now waiting on an individual form 1 filing to cut down an Arsenal SLR CR rifle. Filed in the first week of Nov, hoping to see it within the next month.

  • Dane replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 years, 2 months ago

    Purchase: 4 May 2016
    Form 3 Approved: End of July
    Form 4 pending: 8 Aug 2016
    Form 4 approved: 23 Aug 2017
    Stamp received: 28 Aug
    Total wait: 15.5mts

    But being the glutton for punishment I am, I’m still waiting on my Nov 2016 submission and about to file for another suppressor.

  • Finally approved.
    7.62 suppressor
    Form 4 trust
    Purchased 4 may 2016
    Form 3 approved 2 aug 2016
    Form 4 pending 8 aug 2016
    Form 4 approved 23 aug 2017
    Stamp received pending
    Final wait time: 15.5mts

    Now to wait on my Nov 2016 SBR submission. Thinking when that arrives I’ll submit to SBS the VEPR-12…

  • I have another pending to shorten the AK i filed first week of November. Not sure how i would feel if i got that approved before I got my can approved… But it is looking like a real possibility.

  • They dont. That is what makes it unenforceable. You just put their info in there, and they say i didnt. Except,looking at the scan i have, i did.

  • Mine just got kicked back a second time. This time, they claim i didnt send a questionairre for myself (which is impossible), and that i never completed the CLEO notification part of my form (also impossible). My year mark passed two days ago, not including the 3mts it took before that to approvem my form 3. Total wait so far: over 15 months from…[Read more]

  • Oct? Jan? Thats cute… My check was cashed 8aug, still pending. And i had to form 3 it first which took just shy of 90 days.

  • Ok, called friday and got transferred to an examiner. She said they sent an error letter to my dealer on the 20th, he confirmed that it was received yesterday. I knew what the error was (need a form for my wife reaffirming she isnt a felon alien who batters children while snorting coke). What would be nice is if we could amend or add these forms…[Read more]

  • God. Anyday now. Form 3 on my can beginning of may took almost 3mts, so my form 4 didnt go pending until 8 aug. Still waiting…

  • Dane replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 years, 4 months ago

    This wait is killing me… I purchased my can in early May, had to Form 3 it (which took a week shy of 3mts, and my Form 4 went pending finally on 8 Aug 2016. Still waiting…

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