• Form: 4

    Entity: individual

    Cashed/Pending 11/12/2020

    Approved: 05/17/2021

    Standardized wait time: 186 days

    Stamp in hand: TODAY 06/05/2021 (19 days from approval)

    State: FL

    Had to reach out because they forgot to put my UPIN for the NICS check, so I got delayed. All good now!

    Praying for my other can pending since 03/04/2021

  • Saker 556 cashed on 11/12/2020

    Still pending on 05/10/2021

    My buddy had two form 4’s. one SBR arsenal Krink and one dead Air Wolverine.

    Both Cashed 11/25 approved on 04/22.

    Seems like they approve them at absolute random..

    Good luck, Men!

  • Right there with you, Brother.

    Card charged 11/07/2020 and not in system yet, I think those speedy approvals were flukes! But for our sake, lets pray not.

  • Matt replied to the topic Form 4 Individual in the forum Form 4 Questions 1 year ago

    Saker 556. Ordered 06/01/2020 from SilencerCo ProDeal program.
    Arrived at SOT 09/25/2020, nobody told me till I called SilencerCo on 11/03/2020. LOL
    Form 4 submitted 11/03/2020

  • Afternoon All,

    Unfortunately a career criminal with the same name as myself lives just a couple miles from my home.

    Obviously this has caused several delays and denials on FFL transactions. So I applied Thursday for a UPIN by Efiling it. submitted digital prints yesterday and today when I logged in, it showed approved and gave me my UPIN.…[Read more]

  • Matt became a registered member 1 year, 5 months ago

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