• Form 4 Individual
    Houston, TX
    Dead Air Mask
    Purchased from Capitol Armory
    ATF received paperwork on 4/20/20
    Stamp in hand 2/4/21
    Total days: 289 days

  • I’d love to know too. Mine was sent out on 4/27/20, its been almost 8 months and I’m stick in pending as well. I don’t know how some people are getting theirs in half the time or less. This consistency of this process is ridiculous. I don’t have a single arrest on my record.

  • These wait times are brutal. This is my first Form 4 Individual. I purchased my Dead Air Mask from Capitol Armory on 4/15/20 and the form 4 was mailed on 4/25/20 and it’s still pending after I contacted the ATF. The reps at Capitol Armory told me that people are waiting 12-13 months right now…oof. This kind of turns me off about buying another…[Read more]

  • Form 4 Individual Mailed 4/15/20
    Dead Air Mask From Capital Armory
    Status on my order sill says “Form 4 Mailed”, which is what it has always said.
    I live in Texas and I called the ATF twice and all they gave was that it was pending, along with their canned time frame between now and when our sun dies.
    I just hope I get it before Christmas.

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