Jeremiah Harris

  • Have a question wanted to see if anyone here knew anything about. If you are waiting on a form 4 can that cause a delay on a nics check? Was delayed today and another purchase a couple months back. I had a clearance while I was in the army. When I got out of was bad, the nics would take forever or delay me. I had never had that prob before I…[Read more]

  • I’ve been calling every two weeks for a couple months now. Think I should stop. It’s just to damn frustrating. These wait time are crazy that or it’s just mine. Idk if it makes a difference like on the nics checks. But I had a secret clearance when I was in the Army. If I knew it was going to cause so much problems, I would have done whate…[Read more]

  • That is f@ck man, I’m sorry. So October 29, 2019 or around there. Idk maybe your paperwork got screwed up when they moved from their office to their homes to work, because the coof. Damn that’s BS. Hopefully they will get you squared away. That long they need to tell the examiner who is on your case to stop whatever they are doing and find and com…[Read more]

  • I’m right there with ya, like almost to the day just one week separates our checks cashed. Bought mine 1/6/21(280 days) and check was cashed 2/8/21(248 days). I’ve been calling ever other week, for about a month and a half now. Just keep getting the same “pending”. It’s getting rather frustrating. I know it can take a min, this is my first NFA…[Read more]

  • Yea I can’t stand the wait! Bought mine Jan. 6th(202 days) and check cashed feb 8(169 days) this is my first can or NFA item for that matter. I was hoping to hear something about the six month mark. But it’s 21 days passed and I called to check last Friday the 23rd, and they just said still pending. I really hope my pass port pic isn’t screw…[Read more]

  • Well, the way RG does it, you paying them for all the paperwork, photo, fingerprints, and stamp. So since I didn’t send a check from my account; I don’t know when the check was cashed. I was thinking about calling to see if they can tell me the date the check cleared and just make sure it’s processing. Anyway, I’m pretty good about pushing it to t…[Read more]

  • Obsidian 45

    Purchased at local Riflegear Jan. 06, 2021.
    All paperwork done through store on the same day.
    Need to call and check for more info. But man it’s been only 70 something days! Ugh the wait stinks! Haha This if my 1st suppressor so can’t wait.

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