• Geo490 replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 1 year ago

    B&T silencer purchased 03/07/20, stamped cashed 03/17/20, stamped approved 09/14/20, stamp picked up 09/25/20.

  •  For everyone awaiting a efile form form 1 done thru Silencer Shop and just found they were disapproved because the ATF of they state it was third party submission


       We sincerely regret the delay and subsequent disapproval of your eForm 1.   You will be receiving an email shortly with instructions pertaining to your submission. 

       …[Read more]

  • Thats the question been waiting since April checked on 7/13/20 on ATF website it know shows disapproved called Silencer Shop i think there might be a problem with the efile form 1s sounds like there are quite a few disapprovals waiting for more information from Silencer Shop.

  • Geo490 replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 1 year, 6 months ago

    Purchased a Tactical Solutions Axiom,OSS 556 , DEAD AIR GHOST 45M tax stamp cashed 12/19/19 picked up all 3 stamps today 102 days ” Christmas came Early”

  • Maybe this will cheer you up I purchased a Tactical solutions Axiom, OSS 556 & Dead Air Ghost sTax Stamps were cashed on 12/19/19 and I just picked up the stamps today that’s 102 days wow.

  • Purchased a Tactical solutions Axiom, OSS 556, Dead air Ghost tax stamps cashed on 12/19/19 picked up all three stamps on 04/01/20.

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