• Well, they best ought to work the last of that paper stack before starting on the first e-form.

    ATF could do a lot to improve transparency by informing the community how they prioritize and process applications. They do not appear to have any customer focus, and all a lack of information does is give rumor and speculation an audience.

    For…[Read more]

  • Would have been nice if they had caught up with their backlog first before taking the time off for a staff reorg. Especially right before the 41F surge. I was holding off, but this dumbassery might merit a call to my Congresscritter. I’m sure that will help move things along.

  • Don’t know what’s going on over at ATF, but over the last 30 days, processing has REALLY slowed. Based on control numbers sampled here on 3/13 and 4/12, only 10,600 went through the system in the last month.

    That’s about 350 per day, or about half of the 650/day a month ago for daily throughput.

    My 7/4/16 submission, with a control number…[Read more]

  • Bad new for folks using predicted approval dates based on throughput.

    The NFA Branch folks are slowing down.

    In mid-January computed daily throughput for the period Jan 1 to Jan 15 was averaging about 850 per day.

    I just checked the last month’s production from 2/28 to 3/24. Control number range on 2/28 was 3016xx and 3180xx on 3/24. This is…[Read more]

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