• Ruby replied to the topic Form 4 Trust in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 years, 7 months ago

    I was told about the 10 day limit to mail out the stamp also, but I was approved March 7th and stamp did not arrive until March 29th according to my dealer.

  • Bob,
    Ordered through Dakota Silencer.
    They called me on the 29th saying that they have the stamp.
    They can ship directly to me, but more paperwork and more waiting involved for that.
    Weather is crap in Iowa where I am, so not a big deal, but I can hardly wait.

  • How in the world is it that some have their stamps 6 days after their approval date while I
    am looking at 21 days as of tomorrow. What kind of system works like that?
    I had one of the longest waits from check cashed to being approved at 281 days. Now I look to be one with the longest wait from approval to getting the stamp, and there were no…[Read more]

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