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    Check cashed 9/8/16
    Approved 11/8/17
    Received 11/22/17

  • Called to check status and asked if it was possible to get a rough idea on where ATF was at and she informed me from what she can tell they have begun working on the early month of Sept trust. I know it’s just speculation but I can say that when I called 2 weeks ago they told me they were still working on July and Aug trust. So, maybe progress?

  • 378 days total wait time and still pending
    2 person trust

    Good news is I was told ATF is now working on early Sept trust.

    Bad news is I still can not get a hold of the dealer I purchased from…

    This is going to be an interesting month

  • Made another phone call today to check the status and it is still pending. Next week will officially be a full one year from the time they charged me for the stamp. I called another local dealer and they said it’s been pretty random with the dates they’ve been getting and they don’t know why. I’ll call again next week to check again, seeing how it…[Read more]

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  • Correction to my last post:

    I called ATF 08/28/17 with my Form 4 Trust still pending…
    I contacted my local ATF division office and will be getting more info on what to do.
    At this point I would settle for any type of response from this FFL dealer just so I know if I need to start all over and call it a loss. I’ve done business with this…[Read more]

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  • Derrick changed their profile picture 4 years, 3 months ago

  • New to the form hoping I can contribute some useful information to the community.

    Form 4 Trust-
    Mailed 8/27/16
    Payment received 9/8/16
    Called ATF 8/28/16 and still pending

    I’ve been holding back calling every other day.

    I recently found out the FFL dealer I purchased from forgot he even sold me a can and then…[Read more]

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